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Stuttgart Seminar



At Hybrid FMA you will get the best instruction and have great fun at the same time.

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With lots of daily classes to choose from!

We have kids classes, kickboxing, knife kombat (knife defense), mixed martial arts, Weight Loss and Fitness classes and Eskrima Kali Arnis.

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Bronze 1x a week class
Silver 2x a week classes
Gold Unlimited classes
Plutonium Unlimited classes plus 1 private class

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The more often you turn up to class, the cheaper the rates per lesson. Also available: Unlimited classes.

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Learn from the Best!

Master Alex, 5th degree black belt, is a 5x World/International Champion, 2x European Champion and 29x British Champion in various formats of sport stickfighting. He is also 4x British Champion in Low/Limited Armour (headgear and live stick only) and British Champion in Knife Fighting.

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Each person is unique and has his own expectations and targets.

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